Notice on FAQ regarding Eligible account holders and resumption of Withdrawals

Dear Customer,

In connection with the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings of our parent company, FTX Trading Limited, and certain of its subsidiaries and affiliates, our services for withdrawals of fiat currency and crypto assets have been suspended for an extended period of time. We would like to express our sincere apologies to FTX Japan customers for the inconvenience caused.

The resumption of withdrawal service of fiat currency and crypto assets through the Liquid Japan web application will be enabled soon. Users of the FTX Japan platform will be able to review and confirm their FTX Japan account balance and then be able to withdraw it via the Liquid Japan platform.

As for the process and eligible accounts, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions (“FAQs”).
Updates and revision of the FAQ may occur according to inquiries received.


Basic FAQ for Eligible account holders of FTX Japan and Liquid Japan

Eligibility of Accounts for Withdrawals

Q.Will my account be eligible for asset withdrawal?


At this time only the following account types held in custody by FTX Japan will be eligible for return and withdrawal of assets:

(1) Verified accounts held at FTX Japan (*)

(2) Verified accounts held at Liquid Japan (*)


* Verified accounts refer to accounts that have been approved by FTX Japan K.K. upon completion of the identity verification process.


Assets held in accounts with any other FTX platforms including or any non-Japanese Liquid accounts or accounts for any other products or services offered by affiliates of FTX Trading Ltd.will not be returned through this process.


Resumption of Withdrawals

Q.What is "Liquid Japan"?

A. "Liquid Japan" means the former Liquid by FTX.


Q.How can I see my FTX Japan account balance?


FTX Japan verified account holders will receive an email in the coming weeks with instructions on returns and withdrawal of assets which will include how to view account balance.

In this process, users will be prompted to verify their identify using 2FA and to link their FTX Japan account to a Liquid Japan account.

* Customers who have completed the transfer procedure from Liquid to FTX Japan will not be required to perform KYC.


Q.When can I see my FTX Japan account balance?


Once eligible account users have received the email and linked their FTX Japan account to a Liquid Japan account, they can review their FTX Japan balance. This process is intended to start in February.


Q.When is the return and resumption of withdrawals scheduled?


FTX Japan and Liquid Japan intend on beginning to resume the return and resumption of withdrawals of customer fiat currency and crypto assets in February 2023.

The specific date will be announced as soon as practicable on the following;

Liquid Japan’s news

FTX Japan Zendesk


Q.Will I be required to go through an identity verification process at Liquid Japan?


Yes, in order to transfer balances or request withdrawals, KYC/eKYC “Know Your Customer” / “Electronic Know Your Customer“ will be required on Liquid Japan.


Q. I only have an account at Liquid Japan. How do I proceed with the withdrawal?


If you have a verified account at Liquid Japan, no further verification process is expected to be required from you. You will be notified via email when the withdrawal process begins.


Q.Will I be able to use Liquid Japan's services after the transfer?


Due to the temporary business suspension order imposed by the Japan Financial Services Agency, no trading is allowed and Liquid Japan will only available for return and withdrawal of customer property. The temporary business suspension order is expected to end on March 9, 2023.

Further operation of service will be announced as soon as it is determined.

Information on Business Suspension Order published by the Financial Services Agency (Japanese only)


Q.I previously used the global platform while residing in Japan. How do I check if I have migrated my account to FTX Japan?


If you are uncertain of the status of your account, please contact Liquid Japan Customer Support through the below link:


Opening an account with Liquid Japan

Q. I already have an FTX Japan account but no Liquid Japan account. Do I have to create an account with Liquid Japan?


Yes. If you do not hold a Liquid Japan account you will be required to create one. We will provide more details on the process via email.


Q.Can I open an account or withdraw funds from the mobile app?


No. You will have to use Liquid Japan's web platform to create an account, check your balance and proceed with your withdrawal of funds. The return and withdrawal of assets will not be available through either the FTX Japan or the Liquid by FTX mobile app.


Q.The notice released on December 29, 2022 states, "Eligible customers for FTX Japan will receive an email with a link to open a Liquid Japan account". Will the information be sent to the email address registered with my FTX Japan account?


Yes, we will be contacting your registered FTX Japan email address.


Login and Authentication

Q.I had an account at FTX Japan. How do I authenticate my account?


You will be able to authenticate using the two-factor authentication (“2FA”) linked to your FTX Japan account. If you have lost your 2FA, please contact through the link below and we will assist through the account recovery process.


Q.Can I log in to my Liquid Japan account with my FTX Japan account's email address and password?


No. You will not be able to log in with your FTX Japan account email address and password. Eligible FTX Japan account users will receive an email to create an account with Liquid Japan for the return and withdrawal of assets.


Q.I forgot my Liquid Japan login password, what should I do?


You can reset your login password. To do so, please see below for details.

Reset Login Password


Resumption Balance and Withdrawals

Q.Will I be able to transfer both fiat currency and crypto assets from FTX Japan to Liquid Japan?


Yes. Please note that USD will not be able to be withdrawn and will need to be converted to JPY pre-withdrawal.


Q.Will there be a fee for transferring assets from FTX Japan to Liquid Japan?

A.No, there will be no transfer fee charged.


Q.I created a withdrawal request before the FTX Japan service was suspended. The status of my withdrawal has changed to "proceeding" on the screen and the balance has been reduced on the display. However, funds have not been deposited into my bank account or wallet address. Will the withdrawal amount be processed and deposited into my bank account in the future?


Pending withdrawals on FTX Japan will be canceled and the funds will be credited back to your FTX Japan account before being transferred to Liquid Japan. Customers will be asked to make a final confirmation of their balances before the transfer to Liquid Japan is implemented. You will need to make a new withdrawal request from Liquid Japan.


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